March 20, 2021

This message is to advise you that Friday, March 26th will NOT be a school day (either in person or remote) for TRSD students. As you may be aware, that is the day that TRSD staff and others who work with students will be able to have their covid-19 vaccinations on-site at TRHS.

Timberlane staff were originally instructed by the state to sign up on their own to receive vaccinations as part of the stage 2A phase in New Hampshire.  However, we recently were contacted regarding the option of offering a local staff vaccination event (Closed POD) to get the highest number of staff vaccinated as soon as possible. TRSD administration and health staff have worked very hard with local resources to secure Timberlane’s own closed POD vaccination event.

At this time we believe that staff will be receiving a vaccination that requires a second dose and Friday, April 23rd has been chosen as the day for this.  The district will again be closed for students on this day.  Neither March 26th nor April 23rd will require make up days at the end of the year.

The decision to cancel school for students is never taken lightly.  Since many teachers, paras, café workers, bus drivers, custodians, administrators, etc. will be receiving their vaccine on these days, and other staff, such as nurses and administration will be helping to run the clinic, having school with students will be difficult to manage.

We appreciate your support as we continue to take steps to support in-school instruction and normalcy.

Timberlane Regional School District

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