Mealey’s Meals, established in 1980 and named after former Principal William Mealey, has provided help to families in need within the Timberlane Community. We would like to acknowledge and thank the TRHS Student Council for running this year's Mealey's Meals raffle!

The winners of the Mealey's Meals Basket Raffle 2022 have been chosen! Below are the list of the winners. If you are on the list you can contact, Mrs. Jennifer Libby, at TRHS (room 213) or email her at Email to make arrangements to receive your basket.

Congratulations! Thank you to all who bought tickets and/or made baskets. We are so lucky to work in a district that lends a helping hand. TRHS Student Council and Key Club really appreciates all of your support! We were able to raise over a $3000 to help over 100 Timberlane families for Mealey's Meals this year with this fundraiser.

Basket #1, Baking Basket: Patti Mangini

Basket #2, Game Night: Mike Melvin

Basket #3, Bulletin Board Decorative: Tom Drapeau

Basket #4, Do You Feel Lucky?: Lisa Gove

Basket #5, Car Care Basket: Laurie (at Milkmen Show)

Basket #6, Holiday Wrapping Basket: Susan Geary

Basket #7, Holiday Decor Basket: Lisa Oliver

Basket #8, Teacher Self Care Basket: Jenn MacAvoy

Basket #9, Movie Night Basket: Marie Coye

Basket #10, Sorry I am Late!: Jill Farrell

Basket #11, “This Place is on Fire”: MaryKate Murphy

Basket #12, Snowmen Winter Decor Basket: Mara Duffy

Basket #13, Chunky’s Gift Basket: Grace Bettle

Basket #14, Holiday Treat Basket: Kimberly White

Basket #15, Winter Wonderland Art Kit: Crystal Ross

Basket#16, Date Night Basket: Tracey Matterson

Basket #17, Raking in the Cash: Linda Siemering

Basket #18, Ice Cream Basket: Shaye Matthews

Basket #19, Scratch Ticket Blue: Heidi Chaput

Basket #20, Italian Dinner #1: Leslie Murphy

Basket #21, Lego Basket: Christine Collins

Basket #22, Luck in a Cup: Lee Daneau

Basket #23, Senior Prom: Gianna Marcotte

Basket #24, Junior Semi: Jill Quinn

Basket #25, Moon and Coconut: Jen Sutka

Basket #26, All Kinds of Chocolate: Karen Steele

Basket #27, Christmas Movie Night: Paula Polito

Basket #28, Spa Holiday Basket: Meg Ryder

Basket #29, Italian Basket Dinner #2: Dolores Coyle-Quirk