Danville School Staff Directory (tile plus)

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Photo of Michele Marazzi
Michele Marazzi Paraprofessional
Photo of Kelly Matthews
Kelly Matthews Paraprofessional
Photo of Carrie Parenteau
Carrie Parenteau Paraprofessional
Photo of Brian Richards
Brian Richards Paraprofessional
Photo of Kristin Romanski
Kristin Romanski Paraprofessional
Photo of Diane Surprenant
Diane Surprenant Paraprofessional
Photo of Deb Waters
Deb Waters Paraprofessional
Photo of Priscila Zilli
Priscila Zilli Paraprofessional
No Photo Available
Jaime Osgood District Food Service Director / Whitsons
Photo of Amanda Cassen
Amanda Cassen Food Service Manager
Photo of Kelly Feole
Kelly Feole Food Service
Photo of Leslie Makin
Leslie Makin Food Service
Photo of Karl Ingoldsby
Karl Ingoldsby Director of Plant Operations
Office Phone: (603) 382-6541 x3352
Photo of Sarah Vaira
Sarah Vaira Facilities Supervisor
Office Phone: (603) 382-6541 x3983
Photo of Alan Perry
Alan Perry Grounds Supervisor
Photo of Jean Dodier
Jean Dodier Danville School Head Custodian
Office Phone: (603) 382-5554 x5362
Photo of Jim Chretien
Jim Chretien Custodian
Photo of William Flynn
William Flynn Custodian
Photo of Ken Henderson
Ken Henderson District Technology Director
Office Phone: (603) 382-6119 x2215
Photo of Kevin Peck
Kevin Peck District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin
Office Phone: (603) 382-6541 x3954